Using Video to Develop 'Production Orale'

After completing the activities on this page, you will be understand how video can support the development of 'production orale' through its motivational, practical, and creative qualities.

Watch, Read, & Listen

Video is a powerful tool for 'production orale'.

Inspiration & Practice

Inspiration and motivation for FSL learners

Practice, practice, practice...using tablets + video to practice 'production orale'

Creating learning with video


Why should you use video in your classroom?

Motivation: video can inspire and motivate our students to take risks.

Practice: the iterative nature of video creation is a teacher's answer to how to get our students to practice!

Present: video can help our learners develop their skills around presentation.

What tasks can video help with in FRE 2101-3?

  1. Interview dialogues
  2. Presenting career choices
  3. Any 'production orale' practice!
  4. Reflection on 'production orale' development

Stop & Check

Ready? Next!

Have you...

...viewed the videos on this page? the notes?

...done the 1-question stop & check quiz?